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Nemesis Gallery is simple, but powerful photo gallery system, based on new extensibility found in Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0. See live demo at

Main features

  • Simple publishing: Gallery uses directory listing and handlers. You don't need to use any administration interface, simply upload the photos to web folder and everything else will be generated automatically. Physical structure of the folders will became logical structure of your gallery.
  • Easy skinning using standard technologies: Instead of creating yet-another-templating-engine, Nemesis Gallery uses standardized technologies like XSLT and CSS. You may use default templates as they are. Or you may modify their CSS and change layout without modifying the HTML code. Or you may write your own XSLT templates and create interface limited only by your imagination.
  • Performance: Although all thumbnails, directory listings etc. are generated dynamically, we aggresively use the standard IIS caching engine to limit server load.
  • Manageability: Nemesis Gallery supports all the new manageability features found in IIS 7.0 and we provide schema to seamlessly plugin the application into your IIS infrastructure.
  • Security: The handler code is in separate assembly, which can be placed into the Global Assembly Cache. The web site itself then may be without any execute rights, as it will contain only the image data, static files (such as CSS and JavaScript) and XSLT templates, so users can't do any harm when given file access there.
  • Extensibility: Want password protected gallery? Just setup any preferred form of authentication as for any ASP.NET application and you're done. Want special features? Write any ASP.NET application and it will happily live with the gallery handlers and modules.

Further information

Please report any issues and suggestions using the Issue Tracker tab. Do not use comments, they are not monitored.

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